Choose the suitable word to fill in each blank. 

Research has shown that over half the children in Britain who take their lunches to school do not eat (1)_____ in the middle of the day. In Britain schools have to (2)_____ meals at lunchtime. Children can (3)_____ to bring their own food or have lunch at the school canteen.
One shocking (4)_____ of this research is that school meals are much healthier than lunches prepared by parents. There are strict (5)_____ for the preparation of school meals, which have to include one (6)_____of fruit and one of the vegetables, as well meat, a dairy item and starchy food like bread or pasta. Lunchboxes (7) _____by researchers contained sweet drinks, crisps, and chocolate bars. Children (8) _____twice as much sugar as they should at lunchtime. of why the percentage of
    The research will provide a better (9)_____ overweight students in Britain has (10)_____  government cannot (11)_____ parents, but it can remind them of the (12)_____  value of milk, fruit, and vegetables. Small changes in their children’s diet can (13) _____ their future health. Children can easily develop bad eating (14 )_____ at this age, and parents are the only ones who can (15)_____ it.


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