Choose the word or phrase that best fits each space in the following passage. 
    (41)______ every town in Britain has a public library, funded by the local authority, where local people may borrow books (42)______ of charge. Most libraries divide their books (43)______ two main sections, lending, and reference. The lending section normally offers a good (44) ______ of fiction and non-fiction, while the reference section contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, etc. Books from the lending section can be borrowed, usually for a period of two or three weeks, while books in the reference section may normally be (45)______  only in the library. Libraries are usually open daily from Monday to Friday, including some evenings, as well as on Saturday mornings.
     Other (46)______ besides books usually include a selection of newspapers and magazines, desks for private reading and study, a children’s book section, access (47) ______ current catalogs, and many other (48)______ of information by means of a computer terminal; a coin-(49)______ photocopier, music scores, records, audio-cassettes and videos that may be borrowed. Most libraries also (50) ______ exhibitions of local interest, for example, paintings by local artists or displays about local history. Many libraries also contain a local tourist information desk.
     Borrowers are normally allowed to. have up to ten or even more books out at any one time. A system of (51 )______ operates when books are not returned by the end of the borrowing (52)______. People living in the rural areas can use a mobile library, a van that (53)______ these areas regularly with a selection of books from the local library.
    (54) ______ public libraries, there are several important private libraries in Britain. Many of them are in London, such as the London Library. (55)______  belong to famous universities.


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