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    I was born in Newcastle, a city in the North East of England. Newcastle is on the bank of the River Tyne. It is quite big, with a population of about 200,000 people. There is a cathedral and a university. There are five bridges over the River Tyne, which link Newcastle to the next town, Gateshead, where there is one of the biggest shopping centers in the world.
    A few years ago, the main industries were shipbuilding and coal mining, but now the chemical and soap industries are important.
     I moved to London ten years ago but I often return to Newcastle. I miss the people, who are very friendly, and I miss the beautiful countryside near the city, where there are so many hills and streams.
     People who are born near the River Tyne have a special name. They are called “Goodies”. I am very pleased to be called a “Geordies”.

What are the main industries in Newcastle now?

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